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“What a pleasure it was to work with you.”
“A massive thank you for all your help – I cannot tell you how reassuring it has been, among all the uncertainty and chaos, to know that you were there and would pull it all together on the stage. Once again you did a fantastic job.”
“This was absolutely the best external facilitator we ever had…”
“A virtuoso performance (which) succeeded in impressing everyone….”
“An absolute pleasure – charming, intelligent, professional – I wish I could take him to all my shows!…” “You were brilliant. . . Can’t tell you how grateful I am….”
“Nothing short of masterful.”

(See Testimonials)

Nick Ross is widely regarded as one of the most professional conference moderators in the world.

If you are looking for the best, whether to stimulate ideas or achieve consensus, in small groups of top executives, gatherings of the entire workforce and suppliers, public consultations, global summits, government consultations or events like London’s mayoral candidate debates, Nick Ross can add considerable value with humour, intelligence, and business and political expertise. He is frequently involved in the planning process and he chairs meetings throughout Europe, the Americas and SE Asia for national and international companies and organisations, the UK government and the European Commission. Almost every client has recorded well-above expectation levels of satisfaction – take a look through the testimonials page, where you can see how consistently highly he is rated.

He has been a member of leading medical and scientific and ethics committees (see Special Expertise) and has wide experience of industry and commerce. He has a broad knowledge of IS issues, telecoms, financial service industries, IPR, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, travel and tourism and is experienced in promoting corporate vision and strategy, change programmes and restructuring, customer focus, and total quality initiatives. He is accomplished as a catalyst in senior management dialogue and brainstorming sessions as well as in holding together very large-scale events or major international televised programmes. He is able to involve staff in open debate even in large and difficult environments, and is used regularly as a consultant in planning events to ensure they are lively and fulfil their aims.

Because of the need to demonstrate independence Nick is unable to take part in commercial advertising or endorsement or product launches to the general public.

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“It’s not often that the crew unanimously sing the praises of the presenter/reporter/turn!! So thank you again.”
“What can I say? You are absolutely fantastic! The feedback from the event has been, ‘The best ever…’ ‘Nick Ross added so much…’ We could not have pulled it off without you.”
“I just wanted to express my total admiration I have for you in hosting the conference to perfection.”
“The client is just thrilled to bits… nothing but praise for you”