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These are how the Mail’s own readers rated other readers’ comments after serialisation of extracts – before the sensational ‘rape isn’t always rape’allegations.

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Ever thought of entering into politics? You speak more sense than the idiots already there and we know why most of those who go into politics are there: easy life, easy way to earn money by doing nothing and easy way to rip off the public. I wish we had more MPs like Nick Ross; the country might actually stand a chance.

– Katherine, Midlands, United Kingdom

Rating 213

A very interesting article, one of common sense. However, I do feel that being brought up with good strong morals and values, knowing the difference between right and wrong is an essential part of society. Commit a crime, pay with prison time, just the thought of going to prison should deter people from criminal activities, hard time, with no rights, so once you’re in prison you forfeit any rights because you didn’t give any consideration to the rights of the person you harmed, whether that was physically or mentally!! Too many do-gooders and hug- a-criminal loons; they have a lot to answer for!!

– Expat Kay – Dubai, ex-Sunderland, UK

Rating 182

Mr Ross I can’t say how impressed I am with this article. You have opened up an area that psychologists, criminologists, lawyers, police have missed for centuries. Absolutely brilliant insight, well done.

– TSPB , Trying to make BRITAIN GREAT, United Kingdom

Rating 172

A very good article – I’ve always thought Nick Ross to be a clever man and wondered why he was overlooked by the BBC.

– Tamar , London, United Kingdom

Rating 165

Absolutely brilliant article.

– Jane , Derby, United Kingdom

Rating 153

Great read. I am outraged for Nick’s father-in-law, how dare they dismiss him! They had evidence. It is so wrong. On another note, someone witnessed a van hit my wing mirror and took the details and gave them to me. I reported it to the police in February and I am still waiting to hear about it. Apparently it’s a hit and run and he didn’t stop, but no one’s bothered to reply, save the initial letter telling me they’d be in touch when it the report was processed. I still have a broken mirror and still can’t afford to fix it.

– Ruby , London, United Kingdom

Rating 112

thank you nic. `poverty does not cause crime but greed does` its a fact. there is more white color middle class crime commited than blue color working class crime. fact. its greed. they are just a tad more intelligent and so cover it up better. sly. yet the hard working class and unemployed get the blame for everything

– workmysocksoff , Northeast

Rating 101

To true Mr Ross

– susy , North East Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Worst-rated – rating minus 553

Why did the DM give this ill-thought out twaddle and its writer a platform?

– Mr. Bus, London